Here are the details:

The Dubai International Children’s Book Fair and Bologna Book Fair attract illustrators, writers, readers, and industry professionals for days of workshops, discussion forums and displays. Children’s authors can gain international attention with this pairing of the two popular book exhibits.

· Dubai International Children’s Book Fair(Dubai, U.A.E. ) – February 3 – 10, 2010,

· Bologna Children’s Book Fair (Bologna, Italy) – March 23 – 25, 2010

With the Combined Book Exhibit, Fletcher the Fly is:

· featured in the display

· included in an Exhibit Catalogue, created by CBE for the show

Check out the websites to find out more information (click on the blue lettering of the book fair in question). These are book fairs that are put on to create a love of reading among children of all countries. There will be many people attending who are heavily influential. Send in a good note for Fletcher. Who knows, Fletcher the Fly may be a world traveler by the time this is over, with multiple languages under his belt, as well as on TV or movies! Put on a big smile for these book fairs! It sends out good energy, which is what Fletcher is all about!